Winter Collection 2021

Gougou Brands

Gougou Brands

Natural sources.


Handmade Knits -

- F/W 2021

Fall/Winter Catalog

We take responsibility: for our customers, our employees, the producers of our products, and the environment. That is why we prioritise sustainability and quality when producing our clothing.


Gougou Brands

Expert Design

Natural sources.

Fashion should be fun and be able to handle the challenges of daily life. That is exactly why quality is Gougou Fashion’s top priority. It is important to us that our clothing be affordable while meeting high quality standards. We thus introduced our own quality label, “Quality by Gougou Fashion”.

Safety At Glance

“Quality by Gougou Fashion” stands for the special feel-good quality of our products.

Our quality seal is an easy way to see which of our products especially fulfill our quality standards. Look at this logo:



Natural sources.

For sustainable cotton production

Our goods are made from carefully selected materials, preferably natural materials like cotton.

We should make our clothing in the most ecological way possible. As a member of the Better Cotton Initiative, they committed us to sustainable cotton production. The BCI shows farmers and their employees how to save water and reduce the usage of pesticides to a minimum. The BCI also provides training on “workplace safety.” 


Natural sources.

For animal welfare

We perform our own pollutant inspections, and also commission independent and external institutions to conduct tests.

Our clothing and our accessories are 100% free of animal fur. That is why we joined the Fur Free Retailer Program, in the interest of animal welfare. The leading global initiative for distinguishing fur-free companies shows customers from over 25 countries which producers of fashion products observe the principles of animal ethics. 


Love your planet!

No Plastic Love your plant!

Gougou Brands